What is Supercritical EVA Material and Its Applications?

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What is Supercritical EVA Material?

Supercritical EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) material is a new type of composite material with excellent properties such as high wear resistance, waterproofing, acid-alkali resistance, and recyclability. It has been widely used in the manufacturing of sports shoes, outdoor equipment, automotive interiors, industrial equipment and other fields.

Compared with ordinary EVA faom materials, supercritical EVA foam has several distinct advantages as beow:

Firstly, it has better wear resistance and can effectively reduce the wear and tear of products.

Secondly, its waterproof performance is significantly better than that of ordinary EVA, which makes it more suitable for outdoor use. 

Thirdly, supercritical EVA is highly resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, ensuring its durability in harsh environments.

Lastly, its unique structural design enables it to be recycled and reused, reducing waste and promoting environmental protection.

What is Applications of Supercritical EVA Material?

  • Sports Shoes: Supercritical EVA  foam can be used in the production of shoe soles, making them more durable and resistant to wear and tear.

EVA sports shoe

Supercritical EVA foam sports shoe

EVA sports shoe-2

Supercritical EVA foam sports shoe

  • Outdoor Equipment: Backpacks, tents, and raincoats made with supercritical EVA have better waterproof performance and are more suitable for outdoor activities.

EVA backpack

Supercritical EVA backpack

EVA raincoat

 Supercritical EVA raincoat

EVA Tent-1

Supercritical EVA Tent 

EVA Tent-2

Supercritical EVA Tent

  • Automotive Interiors: The use of supercritical EVA in car seat cushions and liners provides greater comfort while also extending their lifespan.

EVA car seat cushions

Supercritical EVA car seat cushions

The use of supercritical EVA in car seat cushions

  • Industrial Equipment: Machinery components and parts made of supercritical EVA can withstand harsh working conditions and have a longer service life.

EVA industrial part

Supercritical EVA industrial part

Machinery components and parts made of supercritical EVA can withstand harsh working conditions and have a longer service life


Supercritical EVA material has several advantages over ordinary EVA foam, including greater wear resistance, better waterproof performance, acid-alkali resistance, and recyclability. These features make it well-suited for various applications in sports, outdoor equipment, automotive interiors, and industrial fields. Switching to supercritical EVA foam can help improve product quality, reduce waste, and promote environmental protection.

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