What is Shore hardness in EVA foam?

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What is Shore C hardness in EVA foam?

  • What is shore hardness?

Shore hardness is the measure of a particular material’s resistance to penetration or indentation. Basically, it tells you how hard a material is and how much force it can take.

The Shore hardness scale was invented by Albert Ferdinand Shore in around 1920 and has been used ever since.

  • What is Shore C used for?

It is suitable to determine the hardness of low hardness materials, such as EVA foam, sponge, micropore materials used for shoes and so on.

  • What Is Durometer (Shore durometer)?

The hardness of rubber compounds is measured by the Shore A durometer; the higher the durometer, the harder the compound.

Softer compounds stretch easier and seal better on rough surfaces. Harder compounds offer greater abrasion resistance and resistance to extrusion. Extrusion must always be considered where high pressure is used. The proper hardness may be selected from this chart by matching the fluid pressure with the maximum extrusion gap.

60 Shore A is softer than 70 shore A

70 Shore A is the standard

90 Shore A is very stiff

  • Shore A Durometer (Hardness) Chart

These values are for the purpose of comparison and understanding in general how Shore A harnesses compare for Elastomers:

25 Durometer = Rubber Band
55 Durometer = Inner Tube
70 Durometer (MOST COMMON) = Rubber Tire/Rubber Shoe Heel
95 Durometer = Shopping Cart Wheel

  • How is shore hardness tested?

Shore hardness is tested using a durometer, which is a needle-like instrument that measures the depth of an indentation in the seal created by a standard amount of force. Durometer hardenss tester an instrument used to characterize the hardenss of elastomers or other rubber - like materials EVA foam sheet we are making for our customer. Normally, we use the durometer(Model: GS-701N) made by TECLOCK in Japan. Shore C hardness scale is suitable for EVA foam and sponge etc.

Durometer -Teclock

Durometer  -Teclock

Hardness tester-Teclock

Hardness tester-Teclock

  • How do you measure the hardness of EVA foam sheet?

The Teclock durometer( Shore C hardness scale) is suitable for EVA foam sheets and sponge etc. and this hardness tester is placed on the sample and its own weight exerts constant pressure to move the indentor. The depth of the indentor is measured which provides a measure of the EVA foam material's hardness, see beow measure pictures and table for reference.

75 shore C White EVA foam sheet

75 shore C White EVA foam sheet

75 shore C Black EVA foam sheet

75 shore C Black EVA foam sheet

Shore A durometer

Shore A durometer(20 Shore A EVA faom sheet )

Shore C durometer

Shore C durometer( 35 Shore C EVA foam sheet )




According   to standard

Is   suitable the material quality

Marking pin shape (mm)

Standard load   capacity value (0-100)



  Japanese rubber association standard

Soft rubber, sea   rubber, for example: The eraser, degree of hardness is smaller than A TYPE20

Diameter   5.08





JISK   7215,ISO868
  ASTM D 2240

For   example: Rigidified rubber, revertex
  Degree of hardness is bigger than A TYPE 90

Sharp   diameter R0.1
  30° circle



Thinkness Gauger


Slightly reads the value

Determination scope

Determines the throat to be deep

Determination pressure

On measures

a style

Next measures a style

Weight (g)













Planes ∮10

  • The types of shore hardness scales

  • Shore 00 Hardness Scale measures materials such as EVA foams, gels, sponges and very soft rubber.

  • Shore 0 Hardness Scale measures soft to medium rubbers and also soft plastics

  • Shore A Hardness Scale measures the hardness of flexible mold rubbers. These are softer and more flexible materials in general, but the scale gives an indication of whether they are extremely soft or if they are more rigid. In addition to soft rubbers, semi-rigid plastics can also be tested on the Shore A scale, but at the higher level.

  • Shore B Hardness Scale measures mid range rubbers and plastics, this can be a good choice to measure if you deal with a variety of materials.

  • Shore C Hardness Scale measures medium rubbers up to hard plastics, EVA foam and foam rubber or plastic.

  • Shore D Hardness Scale measures hard rubbers, semi-rigid plastics and hard plastics. Generally, the rubbers are on the low end of the scale, while the hardest plastics receive the highest Shore D ratings.

  • Levels of shore A hardness

  • 10A Shore Hardness: Extremely  soft material that can catch throughout the grooves, creating a ‘snake skin’ style that can push excess material out of the application. While it doesn’t impact the functionality, it does wear out quickly.

  • 20A Shore Hardness: Similar to that of a rubber band, it extrudes smoothly and is able to seal rough  areas and grooved, uneven applications.

  • 40A Shore Hardness: A  flexible and slightly more durable material that has the hardness of a  pencil eraser, the EVA foams can be used in applications that are rough  and do not undergo too much pressure.

  • 70A Shore Hardness: The combination of malleability, hardness and durability makes this the  standard for most EVA foams.

  • 90A  Shore Hardness: This kind of EVA foam is harder which able to withstand more pressure and extrusion. These materials are longer-lasting and can be used in dynamic applications.

  • What is the difference between Shore A and Shore D?


The major difference between the Shore A hardness scale and Shore D is that the former measures softer rubbers(including thermoplastic rubber).The latter is used for measuring harder, more rigid materials.

EVA cutting workshop

EVA cutting workshop

CNC machining wrokshop for EVA foam

CNC machining wrokshop for EVA foam

CNC machining process for EVA foam

CNC machining process for EVA foam

EVA for Sports insoles

EVA for Sports insoles 

EVA for Sports insoles

EVA for Sports insoles

EVA for packaging of electronic products

EVA for packaging of electronic products

EVA for packaging

EVA for packaging

EVA inside tray for packaging of electronic products made by CNC machining process -2

EVA inside tray for packaging of electronic products made by CNC machining process 

EVA inside tray for packaging of electronic products made by CNC machining process

EVA inside tray for packaging of electronic products made by CNC machining process 

ESD EVA foam for electronic packing tray

ESD EVA foam for electronic  packing tray

IXPE foam sheets

IXPE foam sheets

XPE foam sheets

XPE foam sheets

  • How to find the right shore hardness for you?

No matter what type of application you have or the style of EVA foam required, our expert team will help you find the perfect material based on shore hardness. Please contact us at

  • How is EVA foam proucts changing our life?

 For details, please llink here to know more....

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