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  • How to Select a Suitable Heat Sink


    Laptop computer designers, audio amplifier makers, and power supply manufacturers can keep their products cooler by following these fundamental heat-sink design equations for natural convection and forced-air cooling. Read More

  • What is metal stamping?


    Metal stamping is a cold-forming process that makes use of dies and stamping presses to transform sheet metal into different shapes. Read More

  • Why is the aluminum heat sink anodized?


    Aluminum is a material with good thermal conductivity, so mainly used for heat sink production, aluminum material heat sink we commonly known as aluminum heat sink, all aluminium profile here is not to point to aluminium only, still included aluminium alloy product. Read More

  • What is an Aluminum Heatsink?


    An aluminum heatsink is a device used with other electrical devices that produce heat to help manage heat production and prevent electronics from overheating. This type of heatsink is often used on the central processing unit (CPU) within a computer. Read More

  • What are the negative effects of excessive temperature on injection molded parts


    During the processing of plastic injection molded parts, the temperature is too high or low, which will cause adverse effects on the molded injection parts, which will directly cause the molded injection parts to be scrapped. Read More

  • What problems should be paid attention to when making the tin packaging?


    We are now using more and more tin box packaging products in our life, we need to pay attention to what problems we have when making the tin box packaging, so if we want to make products that are very good when we are making it, we must have good choice for it. Read More

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