Why is the aluminum heat sink anodized?

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Aluminum is a material with good thermal conductivity, so mainly used for heat sink production, aluminum material heat sinkwe commonly known as aluminum heat sink, all aluminium profile here is not to point to aluminium only, still included aluminium alloy product. Aluminum is soft in texture and has poor corrosion resistance, so the aluminum heat sink will need some necessary surface finish, anodization is a universal surface finish.

Anodization usually refers to sulfuric acid anodizing, which is the process of forming an oxidation film on aluminum products (anode) under the action of the applied current under the corresponding electrolyte and specific process conditions. This layer oxide film improves the surface hardness and abrasion resistance of aluminum alloy, so as to extend the application range and extend the service life of aluminum heat sink.

In addition,aluminum heat sink through anodized, color will become black, so anodizing is also called black anode, or black oxidation. Anodized aluminum heat sink can also increase the appearance of the product, many electronic products base and housing are black, heat sink is black can form unified tonal, increase beautiful degree. There are customers of the water cooling plates heat sink will also be anodizing surface finish, especially for laser and other optical instruments on the water cooling plate.

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