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Aluminum extrusion process is the most common process for manufacturing heat sink. This process is cost-effective, and custom heat sink specifications can easily be manufactured. Producing heat sink from aluminum allows for significant weight savings and cost savings over copper.

Custom Extrusion Heat Sink Fabrication at Shunho heat sink solutions

If you already have a design for your extrusion heat sink, we can help you manufacture the customized extrusion heat sink according your design. Our extrusion facilities in China offer a wide range of capabilities to get you the heat sink extrusion, surface finish, and cnc machining services you need.

Alloy Selection


Aluminum alloys in the 6000 series have good thermal conductivity which are widely available and are fairly strong. They tend to extrude well too.

The most common alloys for extrusion heat sink are AL6061-6 and AL6063-T5. Our extrusion facilities can extrude in these alloys or in the alloy of your choice.



Surface Finishing

We offer a range of finishing options. One of the most common surface finishes for heat sinks is anodizing. The anodizing electrochemical process increases surface emissivity, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and electrical isolation. But coatings like paint or powder are not recommended, because they will act as insulators. Heat sink can be anodized at our extrusion facilities with colored dyes.


Post Machining(cross-cutting)

A way to help maximize the surface area of extrusion heat sink is by cross-cutting after extrusion. CNC machining is a very precise way to convert the fins on extrusion heat sink into pins. Pin fin heat sink help to maximize heat sink heat dissipation, making your heat sinks more effective. In addition, we can perform other secondary operations like drilling, milling, stamping, and cutting etc.


Extrusion Facilities in Our Extrusion heat

Our extrusion facilities have been fully vetted for quality. The facilities located in Dongguan and we have project team to help ensure that your project flows smoothly. That way, you’ll get the heat sink extrusion profiles you expect on time and exactly to your specifications. Please feel free to contact us about your extrusion heat sink project by email at:

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We regularly post some of helpful contents for the procurement professionals to get the most out of their extrusion heat sink projects. Here are some helpful posts on the topic of aluminum extrusions heat sink.

Advantages of aluminium heat sink

Aluminum profile is pure aluminum or aluminum alloy as raw material for heat sink, Various aluminum alloys include 6061, 6105, 6005, 6063, 6060, 6101, 1100 and 1350 alloys. The aluminum alloy after smelting, cutting, extrusion and other processes can form different section shape of the metal panel. And then can be cast in drawing, grooving, grinding, deburring, sandblasting, electroplating, radium screen printing, anodizing and other surface treatment processes can be fine surface, making heat sink enclosure with superior performance.

Extruded heat sink tooling stocks in our factory

We are an extruded aluminum hea tsink manufacturer with a wide range of sizes and configurations for extruded aluminum heat sink, many of which are actually industry standard. You can ask us for the aluminum extruded heat sink you need. Even if you can't find a heat sink that exactly matches your needs, we can work with you to design customized heat sink extrusion to meet your specific needs. We work with a number of top aluminum extruders in China that have years of experience in producing incredible products.

LED extruded aluminum heat sink manufacturing and features
The LED extruded aluminum heat sink is formed by aluminum extrusion process and by CNC machining process, embedded in heat pipe, and finally finished by surface treatment like powder coating. Also the LED aluminum heat sink is liquid aluminum formed through a fixed mold. Then cut the led heat sink aluminum profile and mchined into the desired shape. The post processing cost is high and the heat sink fins can be made very thin to increase the heat dissipation area.

What is extruded heat sink?

Extruded heat sink is also known as heat sink extrusion or extruded aluminum heat sink, heat sink extrusion with beautiful appearance, light weight, good heat dissipation performance, energy saving effect. Aluminum heat sink extrusion technology is to heat aluminum ingots to 520~540℃ at high temperature, under high pressure to let the aluminum liquid flow through the heat sink extrusion mold with grooves, to make the extruded heat sink material. Then, after cutting and cutting the heat sink extrusion material, the extruded aluminum heat sink we often see is made. 
Aluminum heat sink extrusion technology is easy to realize, and the cost of equipment is relatively low, so it has been widely used in the low-end market in previous years. AL6063 is a commonly used for aluminum heat sink which has good thermal conductivity and machinability. Shunho heat sink solutions relying on long-term accumulated technical experience and production process, sets aluminum alloy profiles with good thermal conductivity and other characteristics and develops a customized aluminum extruded heat sink that can meet customers' requirements of product differentiation, specialization and personalization. 
The finished extruded heat sinks surface is anodized to improve the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and appearance of aluminum. At present, the commonly used types of extruded aluminum heat sink in China are electronic heat sink, computer heat sink , sunflower heat sink, power semiconductor heat sink and so on. Because of the superior performance, extruded aluminum heat sinks are widely used in: machinery, automobile, wind power, construction machinery, air compressor, railway locomotive, household appliances and other industries.
Extruded heat sink is generally high power heat sink and cooling systems. We can provide reliable natural convection environment solutions according to the existing mature technology of extruded aluminum heat sink. Aluminum heat sink extrusion molding can be achieved through the mold, which can realize the complex structure of heat sink fin. These complex radiating fins make the radiating surface area larger and reduce the cost and time of aluminum processing.
The mainly advantages of aluminum extruded heat sinks as following: 
1. More efficient than stamping heat sinks
2. More cost saving than mechanical processing
3. There are a variety of standard shapes and sizes 
4. Easily customized than copper lighter, obvious advantages
Aluminum extrusion heat sink parts

Heat sink Extrusion Profiles

We offer a range of heat sink extrusion with different thermal performances, fin spacing, length, and height. Round aluminum heat sink extrusion and linear LED heat sink extrusion designs without any surface treatment, and can be customized for different application requirements at Shunho heat sink manufacturing facility.
Round heat sink extrusion for led light
Looking for your relative led cooling solution here with a wide selection of led heat sink extrusion in a variety of shapes and sizes, including round heat sink, square heat sink, cylindrical heat sink with different surface finishes. We have heat sink extrusion types and design supporting your heat sink dissipation. Shunho heat sink solutions is a professional china led heat sink extrusion manufacturer, all of our led heat sinks are specially manufactured with rolled edges for safe handling. We can accept small qty order and mass production for your custom heat sink extrusions

Parameter for extruded aluminum heat sink

Place of Origin: Donguan China OEM: 


Process: Extruded Temper: T5
Material: AL6063-T5 Shape: Square
Packing: Standard export Packing Brand Name: Customized
Application: Electronic Industry Certificate: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015
Model Number: Customized Tolerance: 0.01 mm
Surface Finish: Black Andoized Size: Custom design
Extra process: CNC Machining Sample Service: Different sizes are available for prototypes test

Anodized Heat sink

Heat sinks play an important role in cooling electronic and mechanical devices. They act as passive heat exchangers, transferring heat from the hot components to a fluid medium (usually air).There are many different types of heat sinks and some heat sinks are made from copper and some are made from aluminum. But, most commonly, heat sinks are made through the process of aluminum extrusion. And these extruded heat sinks are also commonly anodized.

What benefits does anodizing offer? Let’s talk about how anodizing works and then the benefits it offers:

What is the anodizing process?

The most common way of surface finish in electronics cooling is the surface anodizing. Anodizing is an environmentally safe electrochemical process, that unlike painting or powder coating. There is nothing applied to the aluminum heat sink’s surface. Instead, anodizing thickens and toughens the naturally occurring protective oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. Anodizing can changes the microscopic texture of the metal, making the surface durable, corrosion and weather resistant.
How does the anodizing process work?

The aluminum extrusions heat sinks are placed in an electrolytic bath. In the process, the extrusion heat sink metal forms the anode (the positive electrode) of an electrolytic circuit. By an acidic electrolytic solution, the electrical current releases hydrogen at the cathode (the negative electrode) and oxygen at the surface of the heat sink metal anode (the positive electrode), building up a deposit of metal oxide. The acid action is balanced with the oxidation rate to form a coating with some microscopic pores, 10-150 nm in diameter. The thickness of the heat sink metal oxide depends on the anodizing method and is between 0.5 and 115 microns. It is controlled by electrolyte concentration, acidity, temperature, and the process electrical current and voltage.
Anodizing line
Copper heat sink

Copper heat sink features

A copper heatsink is sometimes used as a heat sink as it has high thermal conductivity. This can be observed if you heat one end of a piece of copper, the other end will quickly reach the same temperature, Because copper's high thermal conductivity allows heat to pass through it quickly. So the heat dissipation capacity of copper heat sink is excellent, often heat absorption is fast, also heat dissipation is fast and the heat dissipation capacity is stronger than aluminum material.
The main features of copper being chosen as the material for the heat sink include:
Copper has good heat conductively and thermal conductivity is 401 W/mk with density is 8.9kg/m3 (0.321 lb/in³)

Copper heat sink main manufacturing process

1. Copper bonded fin heat sink
Copper bonded fin heat sink is composed of a heat sink base and fins and fins are disposed on the heat sink base. The base and fins are made of copper. CNC machining several grooves on the base and the width of the groove is slightly wider than the thickness of the fin, and inserted the processed fins into the grooves, and the fins are positioned by a special tool, and then inserted thin knife type tool between the two fins to apply pressure to base, the roots of the fins are fixed , and finally flatten the surface of the base. It can also be processed by a welding process. The advantages are high heat dissipation efficiency, small device size and low cost.

2. Copper skived heat sink
Copper skived heat sink by using a copper profile to make the copper base and copper fin. To skiving the full copper material into a thin or straight or spiral or wave fin high-conductivity product, and without any connection point, heat conduction efficiency can reach 100% of the material. The skived fin can make the heat sink thinner and improve the heat dissipation efficiency. The skiving process can achieve several times of the thermal conductivity of the common extruded material in a specific size, and the processing process is simple.

3. Copper stamping heat sink
The copper fin can be stamped into the desired shape. Usually used in traditional air-cooled electronic devices, it is often used to provide an inexpensive way to dissipate heat for devices with low heat. Due to the use of advanced molds and high-speed stamping technology, stamped fin heat sinks are ideal for mass production.

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