How is EVA foam products changing our life?

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What is EVA foam?

Ethylene-vinyl acetate, or EVA material is a kind of man made material which consists of thousands tiny bubbles with low density . Thanks to its great performance in shock absorption and lightweight and resistance to UV radiation and cracking, EVA is widely used in our daily products which are really changing our life.

How is EVA foam products changing our life?

1. EVA foam Kids protection products including EVA foam door holder, EVA foam shower cap, EVA foam mat, EVA foam building blocks, EVA foam swimming float and EVA foam DIY toy.

EVA Kids protection products

2. EVA foam Packing products including EVA cosmetics packages,EVA tool package, EVA wine box package, EVA inner packing for electronic products ( like UAV, cell phone, Bluetooth headset. Etc..), EVA foam package for handcraft and EVA packing for military parts.

EVA foam Packing products

3. EVA foam sports goods including EVA sports protective gear, EVA jump rope and EVA yoga mat, EVA golf practice hitting pad and EVA surf anti-skip pad.

EVA foam sports goods

4. EVA footware products including EVAsports medical insole,EVA outsole of snow boots, disposable slippery and beach flip-flops.

EVA foam footware products

5. EVA foam handbag and suitcases goods including EVA foam Kids bag, EVA fashion handbag for lady, EVA men's  briefcase, EVA leather bag and belt and EVA inner sole of PU leather.

EVA foam handbag and suitcases goods

6. EVA foam handle products including EVA umbrella handles,EVA bicycle handles grip, EVA sports equipment handles , EVA fishing rod handles and EVA baby stroller handles.

EVA foam handle products

7. EVA foam medical products including EVA cervical gear, EVA foam split-toe plate, and EVA Medical orthotic insoles.

EVA foam medical products

8. EVA foam household articles including EVA clean broom,EVA foam hassock, EVA foam knee pad and repair pad, EVA white board eraser, and EVA foam tape and EVA cat litter pad.

EVA foam household articles

9. EVA foam vehicle transport supplies including EVA foam fitting slot, EVA foam car foot mat, and EVA foam transport compartment mat.

EVA vehicle transport supplies

10. EVA foam electronic industry products including EVA anti-static tray, EVA PCB card slot and foot pad.

EVA foam electronic industry products

11. EVA foam cosmetics and decorative products including EVA foam nail file, EVA foam shinning file, EVA toe divider and EVA foam light patch.

EVA foam cosmetics and decorative products

As you see , EVA foam products exist in every aspect of our daily life which are bring much benefits to our people. Shunho EVA foam solutions, as a professional EVA manufacturer with over 10 years’experience, we are providing one stop OEM service here including foaming, cnc machining, adhesion and leather sticking , and assembly.  If you have any project, we will be glad to provide solution to you. Looking forward to your cooperation.

EVA faom +cutting  

EVA faom cutting proces

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