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eva foam sheets made by Shunho eva solutions in China

We are one of the leading EVA Foam Sheets manufacturers and suppliers in China
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EVA Foam Sheets Manufacturers & suppliers Shunho eva solutions in China

Production Description:

We are one of the leading EVA Foam Sheets manufacturers and suppliers in China.

EVA Foam Sheets, EVA Foam Roll, are the most appropriate components for making lightweight footwear and packaging purpose etc.

There are over 12 different colors with varying thickness suiting needs for designing slippers or flip-flops as per prevailing market demands. 

EVA Foam Sheets compound gives optimum abrasion resistance with non-slip properties. Available in ideal sizes help slipper's manufacturer handle sheets with less labor and get maximum to die cut average per pair with better cost-effectiveness. We maintain the regular stock of foam sheets in order to meet day to day requirements from customers with fast delivery. 

The different textures and high density EVA foam sheets are manufactured by us according to the demand of the customer.

High density eva foam sheet

EVA Foam Sheets Suppliers in China

We are the EVA foam sheets suppliers and eva foam board manufacturer in China. Our main product includes EVA Foam SheetsTPE Foam Sheets.

We are the wholesale EVA foam sheets suppliers and manufacturers provide the best quality of material with all types of sizes and colors according to customer's demand.

EVA Foam Sheets is made up of EthyleAcetate material(EVA). The Foam Sheets comes in many sizes, colors, and thickness and can be made as per the order and its quantity. The features of the foam sheet are that it is shockproof and provides the best thermal insulation. 

It can be used for making the shoeS or for packaging all types of parts for there safety and to protect them for breaking.

At the same time, EVA Foam sheet is the safe alternative of PVC as it doesn't consist of any harmful substance.

EVA foam sheets supplier in China

Advantages of EVA foam:

EVA rubber and plastic products are new environmentally friendly plastic packaging materials, which have the advantages of good cushioning, shock resistance, heat insulation, moisture resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, etc., and are non-toxic and non-absorbent. EVA rubber and plastic products are designed to be processed and formed, and their shockproof performance is better than traditional packaging materials such as polystyrene (foam), and they meet environmental protection requirements, making them the best choice for export products. Compared with shock-proof packaging, it can be cut and formed; due to the large difference in density, it can also have a wider range of uses.

EVA Foam Sheets for Packaging made by Shunho eva solutions in China

EVA Foam Sheets for Packaging are most commonly used for the packaging purpose to keep the glass items or other parts safe from breakage. 

EVA Foam Sheet is the substance which is best suitable for packaging items to save them from breaking. EVA Foam sheets for packaging is used by many other wholesalers while delivering the products.It helps in giving soft padding in between the products which help in creating the gap between the products which further helps in saving them from breaking.

EVA Foam sheets for packaging is the best suitable for shipping products like glass, mirror, flower pots or any other delicate item which have the chances of breaking.

5mm eva foam made by Shunho eva solutions

Features of EVA foam material:

a. Water resistance: airtight cell structure, no water absorption, moisture resistance, good water resistance.
b. Corrosion resistance: resistance to sea water, grease, acid, alkali and other chemicals, antibacterial, non-toxic, tasteless, and pollution-free.
c. Processability: It is easy to process such as hot pressing, cutting, gluing and laminating.
d. Anti-vibration: high resilience and tension resistance, strong toughness, and good shock/cushioning performance.
e. Thermal insulation: excellent thermal insulation, cold-preservation and low-temperature performance, and can withstand severe cold and exposure.
f. Sound insulation: airtight cell, good sound insulation effect.

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