What is conductive EVA foam?

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Conductive EVA foam is a specialized type of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) foam that has been enhanced with conductive properties. 

EVA foam is a versatile and lightweight material known for its cushioning, flexibility, and durability. When it is made conductive, it gains the ability to conduct electricity, making it suitable for applications where static control, electrical conductivity, and dissipation are crucial.

Testing for conductive EVA foam

Testing for conductive EVA foam

hardness Shore C

Hardness Shore C

Data sheet for conductive EVA:




CV Series (Conductive   )


Shore C 40



Surface Resistivity

103-105  Ω/in2

Volume Resistivity

103-105  Ω/in2

Abrasive Potential

< 50V

Attenuation Half-Time

< 1.0 s

In the dynamic landscape of foaming products, our company takes pride in introducing a revolutionary line—Conductive EVA Foaming Products. These cutting-edge solutions are engineered to redefine industry standards, offering unparalleled advantages in various applications.

Cutting process for conductive EVA foam

Cutting process for conductive EVA foam

Foaming production for conductive EVA foam

Foaming production for conductive EVA foam

Advantages for conductive EVA foam:

Enhanced Conductivity:

Our Conductive EVA Foaming Products boast superior electrical conductivity, making them ideal for applications where static control and dissipation are critical. This ensures a safer and more reliable performance in diverse environments.

Exceptional Flexibility and Durability:

The unique formulation of our EVA foaming products provides exceptional flexibility without compromising on durability. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of industries, from electronics to automotive.

Customizable Formulations:

Tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, our conductive EVA foaming products come in customizable formulations. This adaptability ensures that the products seamlessly integrate into various manufacturing processes.

Environmental Responsibility:

Committed to sustainability, our conductive EVA foams are manufactured with environmentally friendly practices. This not only aligns with global environmental standards but also reflects our dedication to responsible production.


Example 1: Electronic Components Packaging

The exceptional conductivity of our EVA foaming products makes them an ideal choice for packaging sensitive electronic components. By providing a protective and static-free environment, our foams ensure the integrity and reliability of delicate devices during transportation and storage.

Example 2: Automotive Interior Components

In the automotive industry, our conductive EVA foams find application in interior components, such as instrument panels and control systems. The enhanced conductivity guarantees reliable performance and safety, addressing the stringent requirements of modern automotive design.

In embracing the future of foaming products, consider our Conductive EVA Foaming Products—a testament to innovation, reliability, and sustainability. Elevate your industry standards with products designed for excellence.

Shipment for conductive EVA foam

Shipments we made for conductive EVA foams

Shunho EVA solutions is working on conductive EVA foam products for over 10 years. We provide on stop service including foaming, cutting and cnc machining. We will convince you with our quality and service. Contact us at

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