What are features of die casting and CNC machining?

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What are features of die casting and CNC machining?

Features of die casting and CNC machining

Die casting and CNC machining are two of most popular ways to manufacture industrial products. Die casting as one of the most economic and efficient process, plays a very important role in industrial production. When a higher tolerance is necessary, CNC machining will shows its advantages . The accuracy of the CNC machining can reach 0.01mm.

Aluminum alloy and zinc alloy material are mostly used in die casting process. While for cnc machining, more material like aluminum, copper, stainless steel and plastics can be used.

Application of the die casting and CNC machining

Die casting process are mostly used for parts with high volume and stable structure ( the change will cause tool change and influence the life time of the tool). Die casting housings or covers are mostly used in lighting parts, electrical parts, telecom parts, medical parts. etc..

When we are talking about CNC machining , we usually mean CNC milling machining and CNC turning machining.  CNC milling machining is usually for machining surface or holes and tapping holes . CNC turning machining , for holes and rounding diameters like on some LED heat sink or some bearing.

Combination work of die casting and CNC

Die casting and CNC can work together some time. For telecom parts, considering a perfect sealing purpose, usually the assembly surface need have cnc machining after die casting process. Also in order to ensure good contact between PCB and the housing, we need to add cnc machining to ensure the flatness on the casting parts.  For threading hols, cnc machining will be more accurate and efficient on the casting parts.

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