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Aluminum die casting products

A380 aluminum or ADC 12  aluminum  is the  aluminum alloy for aluminum die casting projects, we can make the aluminum die casting parts according to your designs(2d&3d)
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A380 is the aluminum alloy for aluminum die casting

We are a comprehensive company integrating metal die casting, precision CNC machining, anodizing, powder coating, laser R and D and manufacturing.

Regarding to aluminum die casting, A380 aluminum or ADC12 aluminum  is the most popular die casting metal choice. That is because it can provide  a good cost ,utility ratio based on a combination of economics and predictable mechanical and physical properties. A380 aluminum’s advantages and characteristics include:

  • Lightweight
  •  Dimensional stability
  • The ability to cast thin walls and complex shapes
  • Corrosion-resistance
  • Good mechanical properties
  • High thermal and electrical conductivity
  •  High strength-to-weight ratio
  •  Environmentally friendly (100% recyclability)
  •  Good tool life
  • Very good castability
  • Low cost and excellent overall value

Aluminium ingot

Aluminium ingot  for A380 aluminium

  • Benefits of aluminum for the die casting projects:

The most significant advantage of aluminum die casting process compared to other processes like CNC machining or sheet metal forming is that aluminum can create intricate 3D designs very efficiently at a lower cost.

Due to this, the customers and manufacturers are able to order customized die casting projects that are idea for their mass production needs. Aluminum die castings can turn molten metal into a near-net shape part in seconds, so CNC machining or other operations can be eliminated.

Also, aluminum die castings are 100% recyclable and all of the materials involved in the production of aluminum die castings is recycled.  The ingot comes from recycled materials and all of the excess materials and any scrap die castings are recycled in-house.

  • What is Aluminum Die Casting?

Aluminum die casting is a metal casting process through which forcing molten aluminum alloy under high pressure into a mould cavity. The basic operation of aluminium die casting is to fill a mold with liquid metal and press it into the designed geometry. 

Everything begins with the mold cavity, which is created using two steel dies that have been machined into shape.

Aluminum alloy die casting is precision and reliable process that allows the metal to be cast and molded into the desired shapes in a safe way, which is widely applied in metal forming as the choice of most industrial projects requires metal components.

Aluminum die casting parts 

Aluminum die casting parts

  • Metal die casting parameter as below table:


Aluminum metal die casting, die casting parts


Aluminum alloys 380.0, ADC2, ENAC-44300, etc.


Hot chamber die casting, high pressure die casting

Finishes(Surface treatment)

Sand Blasting, Polishing, Spray painting, Pad Printing, Colour  Electrophoresis, Mirror Finishing, Silk-Screen Printing, Oxidation

Product Size

Up to 30cm x 30cm


Up to 300 tons


Electronics, LED lighting, Communications, Medical, Marine, Lighting,   Furniture, High Security Locks and General Engineering

  • How does aluminum die casting work?

For details, please link to the video here.

CMM for thecking the aluminum die casting part

CMM for thecking the aluminum die casting part 

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