Consideration the structural factors for Plastic mold design and related knowledge

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How to design the plastic mould?

The design of plastic mould is based on the correct design of plastic products. The design and manufacture of plastic mould are closely related to plastic processing. The success or failure of plastic processing depends largely on mold design effect and mold manufacturing quality. The structural elements to be considered in plastic mold design include:

injection tooling components

Injection mold

1. Parting surface, that is, the contact surface of the die and the punch when the die is closed. The selection of its position and form is influenced by the shape and appearance of the product, wall thickness, molding method, post-processing technology, mold type and structure, demodulation method and molding machine structure and other factors.

2. Structural parts, i.e. sliding block, inclined top block and straight top block of complex mold. The design of structural parts is very critical, which is related to the life, processing cycle, cost, product quality and so on of the mold. Therefore, the design of the core structure of the complex mold requires higher comprehensive ability of the designer, and the pursuit of more simple, more durable and more economical design scheme as far as possible.

Die structure design

The size of plastic parts is small, the precision grade of the products is low, the requirements of good performance, no crack, bending resistance, and need mass production. This mold design into a mold eight cavity structure, and solve the following problems.

1. A balance issue multi-cavity mold, pouring system, as far as possible when the design for all feed cavity at the same time, due to the increasing of the cavity number, is necessarily distributary channel length increases, reach cavity before the molten material, injection pressure and molten material heat will have a bigger loss, if slightly distributary channel design unreasonable parts possible defects, such as cavity number or cavity injection of discontent, or instant full, but there are such as welding or internal organization defects such as osteoporosis, so by high injection pressure, and prone to flash. Paper in the design and arrangement of the shunt way USES non-equilibrium type way, by setting the gate and the size of the shunt way, dispatch injection process to value, to ensure the mold shrinkage rate is consistent, the requirements of high precision plastic parts, ensure the compatibility, the location of the gate set in the plastic pieces of thick end labeling for Y end, feeding, conducive to the flow and also can avoid weld mark, of a directional property to achieve the requirement of the bending without fracture.

2, The cooling system design is the design principle of the cooling device without any increase in cooling device was designed on the basis of structure, mold itself in needed to satisfy the cooling area and the premise of mould structure allows the number of the cooling circuit design as possible and cooling channel aperture as far as possible big, on the upper and lower cavity plate and dynamic template processing cooling hole, when installed on the cavity plate cooling hole hole and fixed template docking, then use sealing ring seal, the cavity plate cooling hole hole and template docking, also with sealing ring seal, the hole in the top and bottom cavity plate and the fixed template configuration

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