Where is Shunho EVA foam solutions?

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                                 Where We Are? 

Shunho EVA foam solutions

Shunho EVA foam solutions

is a professional manufacturer of EVA foam, XPE foam, IPEX foam, NBR foam and PU foam in China. We have more than 15 years experience in developing, manufacturing and selling the EVA foam sheet products. Our EVA foam sheets are widely used in automobile, air conditioning, refrigeration, packing, construction, sports safety equipment, medical supplies, case inserts, etc.

  • What is EVA?

The full name of EVA is Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, mainly chemical synthesis from ethylene (E) and vinyl acetate (VA). EVA foam has good surface-gloss, chemical stability, ozone resistance, anti-aging and non-toxic. 

CNC machining for EVA foam

CNC machining for EVA foam

EVA foam tray for packaging

EVA foam tray for packaging

  • What is the characteristics of EVA foam?

1) Water Resistance: closed bubble structure, no water absorption, moisture proof, good water resistance.

2) Corrosion Resistance: resistant to seawater, oil, acid, alkali and other chemicals corrosion;

antimicrobial, non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free.

3) Machinability: no joints; easy to hot pressing, cutting, gluing, laminating and other processing.

4) Shockproof: high resilience, tensile resistance and strong toughness; with good shockproof and buffering performance.

5) Thermal insulation: excellent thermal insulation at low/high temperature; can withstand cold and insolation.

6) Sound insulation: closed bubble holes, good sound insulation effect.

Color EVA foam roll

Color EVA foam roll

EVA Foam With Adhesive

EVA Foam With Adhesive

  • What is the Colors for EVA foam? 

Black, white, yellow, red, blue, green, pink, grey, dark grey, brown…

EVA faom sheets

Colour EVA foam sheets

Black and White EVA faom sheets

Black and White EVA faom sheets

  • What is the common sizes of EVA foam sheets?

For EVA foam sheets(width*length): 1mx 2m, 1.2mx2.4m, 1mx3m, 1.2mx3m, 1.5mx3m, 1.4mx3m, 1.1mx3m…

For EVA foam rolls(width): 38", 40", 41", 42", 46", 56", 60"…

Thickness: 0.3-80mm(single layer)

(Remark: different hardness shores have different sizes.)

  • What is shore hardness in EVA foam?

Shore hardness is the measure of a particular material’s resistance to penetration or indentation. Basically, it tells you how hard a material is and how much force it can take.

The Shore hardness scale was invented by Albert Ferdinand Shore in around 1920 and has been used ever since.

Normally, there are 25-30 shore, 30-35 shore, 38-42 shore, 40-45 shore, 45-50 shore, 55-60 shore, 65-70 shore, 75-80 shore…in EVA foam, for the types of shore hardnes scales, please link  What is 'Shore' hardness in EVA? 

Durometer -Teclock

Durometer  -Teclock

Hardness tester-Teclock

Hardness tester-Teclock

  • What is the applications for EVA foam? 

1) Inserts: all kinds of precision instruments, medical tools, measuring tools, tablewares, jewelry, gift boxes, musical instruments, cases etc.

2) Car mats

3) Flowers

4) Insulation

5) Kid's toys

6) Fitness

7) Shoes

  • What is kinds of EVA foam?

Common EVA  foam (grade A, grade B, grade C), high-elastic EVA foam, fire-proof EVA foam, anti-static EVA foam, gross porosity EVA foam, environmental tasteless EVA foam....

IPEX foam

IPEX foam

Colored EVA foam sheet

Colored EVA foam sheet

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