What Is the IXPE Foam?

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 IXPE Foam: The full name of IXPE material is electronic irradiation crosslinked polyethylene foaming material, which is also polyethylene as the main raw material, sound insulation, heat insulation, thermal insulation effect, small water absorption, resilience, weather resistance, aging resistance, mildew resistance and strong corrosion resistance, in line with the international environmental protection standards of functional materials. At present, it is mainly used in refrigeration and insulation, electronic precision, photovoltaic energy, aerospace and other fields.

Production process:

Polyethylene raw material with foaming agent and other additives, first by mixed extrusion molding, through the high-energy electron beam produced by industrial electron accelerator, using the use of electric ion radiation on the material to change the original structure of the base material, cause forming a network structure, it is a closed hole foam material after foaming.


Widely use in puzzles, EVA floor, exercise cushions, YOGA mats, Educational products, Child toys, DIY material, Arts & Crafts and elasticity raw materials; EVA shoes, EVA slippers, cushions, etc.


IXPE foam sheets

IXPE foam sheet

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