Top 5 Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturers in China

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Top 5 Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturers in China

For years, aluminum alloy ADC 12 is widely used for die casting process or die casting products, and its application is found in a vast number of industries. In the automotive industry, aluminum die cast automotive products have been used as a replacement for iron and steel parts. Due to it is lighter and it helps to decrease fuel consumption for the customers.

Because the aluminum die casting products market increases recent years, in order to cater to the diversity of aluminum die casting products, more and more aluminum die casting suppliers and manufacturers have emerged in China, even if for the trade company, and this article aims to explore the diverse applications of aluminum die casting products for our customers.

It may be troublesome to find out a high quality and stable die casting supplier and aluminum die casting manufacturer. For example, there are thousands of manufacturers and suppliers providing aluminum die casting products in China, however, it will be very troublesome for many customers to look for and choose the right, high quality and good service aluminum die casting suppliers in China.

Hereby, we would like to share more information for the top 5 aluminum die casting products suppliers and manufacturers in China as below:

  • ShunHo Metal solutions -die casting service

Logo Shunho Shunho die casting service


Location: Dongguan China

Year Founded: 2012

Company Type: Manufacturer

Main Products: Aluminum die casting products, aluminum heat sinks, Zink die casting products, aluminum NCN machining products.

Die casting is a metal casting process that is characterized by forcing molten metal under high pressure into a die casting tooling cavity. The die casting tooling is designed according to the product shape and is made from steel. After the tooling is fabricated by Shunho metal solutions, it will be loaded on the die casting machines.

Take aluminum die castingas an example, firstly the aluminum alloy ingot is melted under over 600 degree and then is given by robot to the casting machine. Then under high pressure, the die casting tooling separates which will get the die casting part. This kind of process can be run automatically by robots and X ray like plastic injection process.

Our aluminum casting services have been helping our customer's engineers, product designers and architects bring their designs to life with state of the part designs and reliable quality

Shunho metal solution has been working in aluminum die casting area for more than 10 years. We can help you on solving the porosity issue of aluminum die casting products. Providing the best quality is always our aim.

Contact us online to get a FREE quote or get more information from our sales team on our aluminum casting services.

  • What is Shunho metal solutions and die casting service?

1. We provide various kinds of aluminum die casting parts and zinc die casting parts. Our OEM service includes tooling design, tooling making, parts manufacturing.

2. As an OEM, we protect customer’s IP (Intelligent property) during our cooperation.

3. We focus on DFM to help customer to design efficient structure for production possibility before making the tooling. All modification proposal on part will be based on customer need. Die casting tooling schedule will be updated weekly for customers to know the status of the die casting tooling.

4. SOP and SIP will be prepared before first production to fully ensure a smooth manufacturing process.

5. FAI, IQC, IPQC, OQC and FQC is strictly kept during production.

6. Professional team is ready to answer any question from customers.


Logo Hongji Website:

Location: Dongguan China

Year Founded: 2003

Company Type: Manufacturer

Main Products: aluminum die casting products and zinc die casting products

HongJi is dedicating to make die casting mould and aluminum and zinc die cast products. They are providing one stop service including mould design and making, die casting, post machining like polishing, deburring, driling, tapping, CNC machinining, surface finish like powder coating, painting, plating, and assembly. Their aluminum die casting  products or zinc die casting products are mostly used in lighting fixture, telecom equipment, furniture, and hardware .

Hongji founded in 2003 and now have 2 production sites in Dongguan and Chongqing. Dongguan site is with around 200 people and Chongqing site,with 300 people and over 30k square meters. They are equipped with 16 die casting machines, size ranging  from 150T to 800T and 30 cnc machines and our monthly output is over 100k pcs die casting parts. They are experienced in die casting mould design and have stable cooperation with European and US customers.

  • OEFORM  

Long OEFORM  Location: Dongguan China

 Year Founded: 2010

  Company Type: Manufacturer

                                                                   Main Products: aluminum die casting products.

Leader of Precision Aluminum die casting Manufacturer in china; our company dedicated to light metal die casting parts and molds making. Focused on aluminum alloy die casting services and aluminum gravity die casting, as well as Die casting die making.

Focus on new die casting technology, improve our die casting precision(high pressure die castings),Maintain stable die casting products quality, For this goal and to match the innovation of die-casting products, we are constantly equipped with new technology die-casting production equipment, CDC visual automatic inspection equipment, and CNC machining(4 axis or 5 axis), ISO9001 and TS16949 quality certification. 

The die casting Products and component application on LED display, auto, Radiator, new energy electric vehicle control accessories, communication, medical equipment, home appliance furniture, household appliance, lamps and others.


logo Xuxing

Location: Ningbo China

Company Type: Manufacturer

Main Products: aluminum die casting products, Zinc die casting products.

Ningbo Xuxing Machinery Co.,Ltd is specialized in professional design and manufacture of Aluminum alloy castings and Zinc alloy castings for more than 17 years. As we know, only profession can assure great quality and the most competitive in prices.

Xuing adopts many casting techniques such as Gravity die Casting, Low-pressure die Casting, Sand Casting, high pressure die castings and so on. To ensure our quality, all of our aluminum ingots are from QingTongXia Aluminum company, which is one of the most famous brand in China. The regular grades include A356, 356, A380, A360, ADC12, G-AlSi7Mg and G-AlSi7Mg or others as your requested. 

Aluminum die casting products have covered mechanical equipment, hardware & tools, household articles and automobile accessories etc. Now we have produced more than 1000 different kinds of products, mainly per OEM, and more than 90% of the aluminum alloy castings are exported to the USA, Italy, Germany, Australia, Canada, Sweden etc.

  • Junying

logo Junying    Junyin

   Location: Dongguan China

   Year Founded: 2002

                                                                Company Type: Manufacturer

                                                                Main Products: aluminum die casting products, Zinc die casting products.

Junying Metal Manufacturing Company Limited was set up in Dongguan City China in 2002. it is one of the China best die casting manufacturer of precision aluminum-zinc alloy die casting, providing quality, in-house manufacturing services, including design, die-casting, and processing, as well as customized procedures for orders of every size.

Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the business philosophy of “attracting customers with good corporate image and improving technical force, retaining customers with high-quality service and commitment to quality and delivery date”, and has won the trust and support of customers. With advanced manufacturing facilities.

Junyyin provides a multitude of services not always available from other casting suppliers including:

1.CNC machining parts
2. Zinc alloy casting services
3. Aluminum alloy casting services
4. Light fixture parts
5. One-stop service

Contact Us

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 Business center: Room 806, Block A, worldecono
mic and trade center No. 11 Dong
guan Avenue, Dongcheng District , 
Dongguan, China


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