Top 4 EVA foam sheet supplier and manufacturer in China

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Top 4 EVA foam supplier and manufacturer in China

For years, the application of EVA foam or EVA foam sheets has become more and more extensive, including EVA foam inserts, EVA foam sheet, EVA foam roll, polyurethane foam, polystyrene sheets, packing foam EVA foam sheets, etc.

Due to the EVA foam market increases recent years, in order to cater to the diversity of EVA foam products, more and more EVA foam suppliers and manufacturers have emerged in China, even if for the trade company, and this article aims to explore the diverse applications of EVA foam products for our customers.

It may be troublesome to find out a high quality and stable EVA foam supplier and EVA foam roll manufacturer. For example, there are thousands of manufacturers and suppliers providing EVA foam products in China, however, it will be very troublesome for many customers to look for and choose the right, high quality and good service EVA foam sheets suppliers in China.

Hereby, we would like to share more information for the top 4 EVA foam suppliers and manufacturer in China as below:

CNC-contour-cutting for EVA foam

CNC contour cutting for EVA foam

X-Ray from Thermo

Thermo X-Ray from for EVA foam test

  • ShunHo EVA foam solutions

Logo Shunho


Location: Dongguan China

Year Founded: 2010

Company Type: Manufacturer

Main Products: EVA foam sheet and roll etc. products

Since its establishment in 2010, Shunho EVA foam solutions has been focusing on EVA foam product quality, strictly controlling the quality of EVA foam sheet products, and attaching importance to the experience of cooperating customers, which makes it enjoy the reputation of being an excellent EVA foam manufacturer in the industry. For years, Shunho EVA foam solutions has maintained an innovative spirit in manufacturing EVA foam products, insisted on innovative products, and gave our customers a different experience, thus gaining a large number of loyal customers over the world.

Shunho EVA foam solutions make various types of EVA foam products, including but not limited to:

EVA Foam insert packing, EVA Foam Roll, EVA Foam Sheets, EVA foam roll, EVA hot pressed products, fireproof EVA foam, high-density EVA foam, high elasticity EVA foam, EVA packing inserts made by CNC machining, colorized EVA foam sheets.

  • Advantage:

Fast   shipments

Price   advantage

Years   of production and foreign trade experience

Industry   exhibition experience

Experience   in brand or corporate cooperation

Have   a R&D team

ISO   qualification certification

Can   provide personalized OEM customized service

  • HongRui

LOGO Hongrui

Location: Dongguan China

Year Founded: 2005

Company Type: Manufacturer

Main Products: EVA foam sheet and roll etc. products

Established in 2005, HongRui is a professional supplier of EVA foam components for the custoemrs in the world. The EVA foam products appplied in Electronicpackagings;  Ggym & leisure shoes, slippers;Bags and suitcases; Medical-Instruments;Outdoor sport; Intelligent toys ; Automotive and ships ; Architectural ornament etc field.


Logo Heaplake

Location: Changsha China

Year Founded: 2009

Company Type: Manufacturer

Main Products: EVA foam sheets

HEAPLAKE is a professional manufacturer and exporter of EVA foam products. Providing EVA FOAM sheets and related EVA FOAM products, which are light weight, beautiful, environment-friendly and safe to use.


Logo Foamtech

Location: Shenzhen China

Company Type: Manufacturer

Main Products: EVA foam sheets

As a leading specialized foam manufacturer, FOAMTECH has been dedicated to working with customers worldwide. The foam materials we are offering include EVA Foam, Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam, Expanded Polyethylene Foam, Polyurethane Foam, PVC/ Nitrile Foam Rubber, Closed Cell PVC Foam, Neoprene Foam Rubber, SBR Foam Rubber, EPDM Foam Rubber. By utilizing our advanced foam fabrication machinery, we have the reliable capabilities to support on various customer projects.

No matter what type of application you have or the style of EVA foam required, our expert team will help you find the perfect material based on shore hardness. Please contact us at

Contact Us

   (+86)-0769-88050188
 Business center: Room 806, Block A, worldecono
mic and trade center No. 11 Dong
guan Avenue, Dongcheng District , 
Dongguan, China


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