How to glue EVA foam sheet?

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EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate) foam is undeniably one of the most popular cosplay materials today. It ticks off a lot of the qualities cosplayers are looking for when building armor and props: as the eva foam is lightweight and relatively easy to get in large qualities, you can paint and weather it what you want, at the same time it is not too difficult to build with. However another plus for EVA foam sheet that might not immediately come to mind: not only you can use it in a lot of different methods, but you can glue it with a lot of different adhesives. 

How to Glue EVA Foam Sheet

                                       EVA foam board for toy bricks 

Which glues and adhesives can work best with EVA foam sheet ? Here we will explain how to glue EVA foam sheet using a few of the most compatible adhesives.

How to cut eva foam sheet

                                      Gluing the EVA faom sheet

How to glue EVA foam sheet? 4 steps to glue the EVA foam sheet or EVA foam roll.

1. Contact or barge cement: 

This one of the most popular adhesives for EVA foam sheet, as it provides one of the strongest and most permanent bonds of any adhesive on the list. It is very intense and toxic which make it so effective.If you are going to use the contact cement, you will need to use a respirator work in a well-ventilated area or outside in order to avoid breathing in the harmful fumes.But if you use it safely, it only takes a little contact cement to bond two pieces of EVA foam sheets for good.

2. Double-sided attach and build EVA foam sheets:

It is designed to work with all common cosplay materials in mind. These double-sided EVA foam sheets can be cut into shapes or strips, whatever you need, and then you can just peel and stick them into place. Do not worry about the mess and toxicity and the bond is instant, no need to wait for the glue to cure or dry. If you are looking for a quick, clean menthod to bond the EVA foam sheets to itself or to almost any other material, if you are working in house or in a small space, you can attach and build would be a good choice.

EVA foam sheets cutting

                                                          EVA faom sheet cutting

3. Hot glue:

This is another incredibly popular way for adhering EVA foam sheets. Hot glue sticks are heat activated and can be easily applied onto large areas or into small cracks and crevasses.Hot glue should not melt the EVA foam sheet like it would melt insulation foam, so you can get a very quick and permanent bond with it.

EVA foam sheet guling and cutting

                                               Cutting and gluing EVA foam sheet

4. Rubber cement:

This is like contact cement which except for it's slightly less intense and usually comes in a smaller bottle and at a lower cost. The fumes are still somewhat harmful, so you should wear a respirator or work with it in a well-ventilated area or outside. Most of rubber cement comes with a brush and one of the benefits of this kind of glue is that you can brush it onto large areas of foam quickly. This could come in handy for layering EVA foam sheet when you need a thicker piece for armor or props. Once the rubber cement is dry, you can cut through it, however your scissors or blade might get a little sticky.

Where to get EVA foam sheets

                          Cutting of Small EVA foam sheet

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Where to get EVA foam sheets?

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