Comparison of conductive EVA foam and anti-static EVA foam

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Anti-static EVA foam is a relatively common midsole material. It is generally called a foam and has a certain cushioning effect, but this material is very slippery, so it is generally mixed with hard rubber, and eva material is  found in many sports shoes, but it is still difficult to compare with AIR in terms of function.

Conductive EVA foam and antistatic EVA foam are made by extruding polyethylene or modified polyethylene, conductive fillers and antistatic agents, through radiation crosslinking, and high temperature foaming to make conductive/antistatic foams. Its surface resistance And volume resistance is 103-9, permanent conductive/anti-static, smooth surface, environmentally friendly, easy to secondary molding processing, widely used in ESD related fields.


Features of EVA foam:

1. Permanent conductive/anti-static function;

2. The function of conductive EVA foam/anti-static eva foam is not affected by environmental humidity;

3. Volume resistance and surface resistance value 103—109 Ω;

4. Conductive EVA foam/anti-static eva foam is easy to re-mold and process.

Resistance of anti-static EVA foam 106-1011; resistance of conductive EVA foam 103-106

Conductive EVA foam/anti-static eva foam due to the difference in resistance value, the static half-life of conductive EVA foam is much shorter than that of anti-static EVA foam, and the static voltage of conductive sponge is also much smaller than that of anti-static static. Voltage; but both can actively release charge, conductive EVA foam is more suitable for electronic products with high electrostatic sensitivity.

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