What problems should be paid attention to when making the tin packaging?

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We are now using more and more tin box packaging products in our life, we need to pay attention to what problems we have when making the tin box packaging, so if we want to make products that are very good when we are making it, we must have good choice for it, please see beow points for reference.

1. When making the tin box packaging, pay attention to the shape of the design not to be too distorted. If the distortion is too serious, there may be no way to make it completely, and it may affect the application.

2. If the shape is too difficult to produce, we will waste a lot of time when making it, and maybe the made style can't meet the customer's requirements, so we should try our best to design some simple production styles.

3. It is very difficult for us to change the appearance of a lot of tin materials when we make it, so we must fully consider this issue when planning the style.

Tin box Cool

The importance of tin box packaging color matching:

Whenever we walk into a shopping mall, colorful products will always attract our attention quickly and quickly highlight the color characteristics of the company’s tin box packaging.  As it is unique in many products, From this point of view, the use of color is of great significance for the packaging planning of the product tin box. The color is used well, and your product is natural and can quickly stand out in many products.

1. The anaphoric relationship between color and tin box packaging

The most important thing is to allow customers to know at a glance or remind the connotation of the tin box packaging items through the external tin box packaging color. It enables shoppers to generally perceive and associate with the connotation of the iron box packaging. 

However, many products on store shelves now fail to reflect this kind of anaphoric relationship. So that customers can not think of what is packed in the iron box through the outer packaging of the iron box. In this way, a positive promotional effect cannot be exerted on the sale of the product. The color of the outer packaging of a normal tin box should grasp these characteristics to varying degrees. From an industry perspective, tea uses a lot of green, wines and cakes use a lot of red, and the normal colors of daily cosmetics are mostly powdery white, light green, light white, and rose. Food packaging The normal main colors are pink and goose yellow to express the feeling of being close and warm.

2. The contrast between color and color itself

The contrast between color and color itself is a simple expression in the packaging planning of many products, but it is difficult to grasp a good job. The traumatic effect of iron box packaging is high mountains and flowing water, and vice versa, it is easy to understand. 

In fact, it is a contrast relationship. In the tin box packaging planning, this contrast relationship is very significant. These so-called contrasts have the following contrasts, contrast contrasts in the use of colors, simple contrasts in the use of colors, and contrasts between the elegance and vulgarity of the use of colors.

The color matching has a very special significance for the product tin box packaging planning. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the color choice when planning the product tin box packaging. The product tin box packaging effect made by accident will be affected. The expected effects vary widely, and good planners will have their own understanding and application of color matching.

Tin box for medicines

What is the value of tin box packaging?

Iron box packaging is not uncommon in our lives. The goods packaged in iron boxes in supermarkets are dripping, such as: juice, tea cans, chocolate cans, biscuit cans, milk powder cans, candy cans, etc. The iron box packaging has the advantages of storing food. The iron box packaging has good sealing performance, airtightness and good light-proofness, and has a good protective effect on the protein and other nutrients in the food.

If you ask about the existence value of tin box packaging, there must be some value. In this materialistic world, things that are of no value will be discarded. The tin box packaging still exudes its unique light in the torrent of time.

The shape and color of the iron box packaging can be made according to requirements, and it has good printing performance and extensibility. The tin box packaging has a beautiful metallic luster, coupled with exquisite printing and advanced processing technology, can create a good appearance, and the tin box packaging is an environmentally friendly material with recyclable value. The rigidity of the iron box packaging is high, and it will not be easily deformed due to the influence of external conditions during transportation, which can well protect the contents of the packaging and reduce unnecessary losses. The iron box packaging has the secondary use of metal packaging. Items packaged in the iron box are easy to open, and the iron box packaging easy-opening lid and other easy-opening devices are widely used.

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