What is the applications of xpe foam and ixpe foam?

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In the first, used in automobiles and several processing methods as following:

IXPE foam sheets

IXPE foam sheets

XPE foam sheets

XPE foam sheets

1. Door guard plate inside the car.

2. Sun visor: The sun visor is a frequently moving part. As the previously used materials (PU, EPE, EVA and other foamed materials) are easily deformed or have been exposed to sunlight for a long time, they have become weathered into powder. XPE foam has become the most popular Good alternative. The usage of XPE foam processing sun visor, mainly through the composite cloth or film as the surface,Then it is formed by hot punching or cold punching and hot pressing, which has better forming effect and beautiful appearance.

3. Heat insulation pad or mat: The heat generated by the engine of the car has seriously affected the comfort of the car. As XPE's excellent thermal and heat resistance, XPE is designated as the only thermal insulation mat-processed material. It is usually XPE heat composite aluminum film and then compression molding.

4. Floor mats, luggage mats: floor mats and luggage mats generally use low-magnification XPE foam, molded by flame compound LDPE compression molding.

5. Sealing friction products: As its superior resilience and thermal insulation and sound absorption performance, XPE foam is the first choice material for high-quality sealing and friction.

6. Other plastic molded products: XPE foam is easy to process, easy to form, has a small heat shrinkage coefficient and is not deformed. It is an ideal material for the protection of other complex products of automobiles..

Secondly, the application in the Air conditioning industry: 

Insulation, shock absorption and sound absorption of air conditioning and ventilation pipes Air conditioning insulation pipe, drip pipe, compressor shock absorption, sound absorption, heat preservation

Third, for the construction industry: 

This is due to the construction industry has always used EPE linoleum for waterproofing, it has become a practice, but as its lack of performance, problems such as leakage often occur in the construction industry in short-term use, and the construction is complicated and frequent replacement. XPE foam is its best substitute. XPE foam is used in some national key projects

It is a waterproof material. For instance: Three Gorges Project, South-to-North Water Diversion Project, Beijing Subway, Shuohuang Railway Tunnel Project etc. XPE foam and IXPE foam can also be used in foundation waterproofing, wall sound insulation, roof thermal insulation, etc.

Fourth, the application in the sports industry: 

The usage of XPE and IXPE foam in the sports industry is relatively early and common, and the technology is relatively mature. For instance: sports mats, handles, lying mats, camping mats, yoga mats, moisture-proof mats, climbing mats, sports lawn mats and various shaped parts

Fifth. application of XPE and IXPE foam in shoe materials and luggage industry:

In the industry of shoe and luggage materials, EPE foam was first used in China. However, as insufficient tear strength of EPE, poor resilience, odor, and aging resistance, the quality of products cannot be improved. With the further development of China as a world factory, export has become the business focus of many companies. However, to produce the  products using EPE as the inner lining core material were rejected, and XPE and IXPE foam came into being.

Sixth , XIPE and IXPE foam as floating materials, toys,leisure industry applications: 

As floating materials, XPE and IXPE foam make full usage of their non-absorbent, environmentally friendly, beautiful and non-deformable characteristics. XPE and IXPE foam can be processed into beautiful life jackets, swimming rings, floating boards, surfboards, leisure rowing boats, etc. XIPE and IXPE foam sheets are used as toy base materials, which fully utilizes the environmental protection of XPE and IXPE foam.

It is easy to form, has many color patterns, and it is particularly important that it is not deformed, especially non-toxic and harmless.

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