What is aluminum extrusion tooling?

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Aluminum extrusion tooling

What is extrusion tooling-shunho metal solutions

                          Example of the die toolings used for aluminum profile extrusion made by Shunho metal solutions

The extrusion tooling is used in the manufacturing of aluminium profiles.  A tooling, also called a die tooling which is the instrument used for pressing heated, aluminium alloy blocks or billets to mould the final aluminium profiles. The process is called extrusion and depending on whether a solid profile or an aluminium profile is made, different tools are to be used, see the below picture for the aluminum profile or extrusion tooling warehouse at our manufacturer.

Extrusion tooling warehouse

Different extrusion toolings- different  aluminium extrusions 

Because this is the die tooling through which the aluminium is pushed to produce the final profile, it determines the appearance of the profile which is why different die toolings are used for the production of different profiles in China.

The choice of die tooling depends on whether solid profiles or hollow sections are to be manufactured. Since seen in the illustration, one tooling is used to produce solid profiles, whereas the production of hollow sections requires a two-part tool. These two products consist of, respectively, a tooling/die and a core forming the cavity of the profile..

Aluminium billets for extrusion

     Aluminium billets for extrusion


If you have to fabricate a aluminum tooling, we will stand ready with our  necessary expertise to guide you through the whole process wchih from design to the final toolling.

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