What is EVA material and what are the good features?

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Eva material is an extremely common material. It is a kind of midsole material which is more common in daily life. The finished product made of it has softness, shock resistance, anti-slip and anti-stress, such as our common EVA slippers. Cotton shoes, EVA mobile phone case, EVA ipad case, etc.

The polymerization method uses high pressure bulk polymerization (for plastics), solution polymerization (PVC processing aid), emulsion polymerization (binder), and suspension polymerization. The ethylene acetate (VA) content of more than 30% is emulsion polymerization, and the low vinyl acetate content is polymerized by high pressure.

The EVA sole refers to a sole made of EVA material. EVA sole has high resilience and high tensile strength, high toughness, good shock resistance, cushioning performance, heat insulation, excellent heat insulation and low temperature performance, resistance to severe cold and exposure, closed cells, good sound insulation, closed cell structure, no It has good water absorption, moisture resistance and water resistance. It is resistant to corrosion by seawater, oil, acid and alkali. It is antibacterial, non-toxic, tasteless and non-polluting.

The following are the excellent characteristics of EVA materials:

First, the excellent heat resistance of EVA materials: foaming enamel is usually used at 80t, foaming Px instrument can withstand 70-80 ° C, and foamed PP can withstand 120t. Foamed PP in

Placed at 120 degrees Celsius for 21h. The dimensional shrinkage is less than 2%, and the foamed PE shrinks by about 40% under the relevant conditions. Therefore, foamed PP can be used in applications where the temperature exceeds 100t.

Second, EVA materials with excellent mechanical properties: Take Ace EVA foam material from Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. as an example. Its mechanical properties such as tensile strength and tear strength are at the highest grade of foam; its compressive strength is lower than that of hard PUR and foamed Ps.softer PUR post, which has medium compressive strength;

Third, EVA material significant insulation: foamed PP and foamed PE - is a closed cell structure, therefore, its thermal conductivity will not be affected by moisture, because its thermal conductivity is lower than foamed PE It has remarkable heat insulation and can therefore be used as an advanced insulation material.

Fourth, EVA materials with resilience have high impact energy absorption capacity.

Fifth. The chemical resistance of EVA materials is better than all other foams; it is resistant to edible oils and meets the needs of sleeved food packaging.

Sixth, EVA materials have good resistance to stress cracking.

Seventh. Foamed PP in EVA material Compared with foamed PS, no toxic gas is released during combustion.

Eight, EVA materials can also be recycled

EVA foam sheet

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