What is Closed Cell Cross-linked XPE Foam?

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XPE foam is also called cross linked Polyester foam. Low density, closed cell polyethylene foams show severe post-extrusion collapse when isobutane or carbon dioxide are used as physical blowing agents.

The full name of xpe material is chemical cross-linked polyethylene foaming material, is polyethylene (PE) as the main raw material, light texture, because of its stable chemical properties, not easy to decompose, no smell, good elasticity and used in the construction field (sound insulation layer, heat insulation layer), protective buffer applications (floor mat, packaging filling, surfboard).

XPE foam sheets

XPE faom sheets

Production process:

Ac foaming agent releases a large amount of gas in high temperature,and a large number of bubbles form fine pores. At the same time, under the action of chemical cross-linking reaction, polyethylene completes molecular bridging, so that polyethylene molecules can attach to the bubble surface to form a bubble hole structure and produce foaming materials.

XPE foam cushioning packaging is widely used in precision instruments, household appliances, glass and ceramic products etc. Not only can be made into a buffer bag, buffer plate boxes and other packaging containers,but  also can be made into frozen food and hot food container etc.

Due to the good chemical resistance, the XPE faom can reduce the packing volume and cargo area , so it will help customer to save the storage cost.

Specification for closed ceel cross-linked XPE foam:

1. Color: Black

2. Size: Can be customized according to needs. 

3. Process: mold cutting and CNC.

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