What is a die in aluminum die casting process?

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What is a die in aluminum die casting process?

Usually a die is made of metal like steel with the outline shape of the production you want. The die can be reused many times during actual production. In die casting industry, we call die a mold or tooling . A die casting mold is made of mold frame and mold core. The main material for die casting tool is SKD61 or 8407.

 The normal life time of the aluminum die casting tooling can be 50-80k shots.

die casting mold

            Die casting tooling

  • What is die casting process?

Die casting process is an injection process. Under certain condition like pressure or temperature, the material is running into the die/mold to reach all the area inside the die. It is a forming process which happens in a short time. After casting, mold parting, and cooling process, we can get a solid product. Then we can repeat the above process to realize the mass production purpose.

  • What is aluminum die casting ?

Aluminum die casting process is used for manufacturing aluminum die casting products. Before the die casting , we need to have a die/mold firstly. The mold consists of mold core and mold frame which are made of steel. The mold structure is usually designed by 3D drawing of the product. Engineers need to analyze the feature of the product and work out a mold drawing based on die casting mold rule. To some degree, it is not a simple mold but a complete a system including die, material runner, vent, slag location, slide .etc.. in order to ensure good quality , we usually need to add insets like pin or block on the mold to get more accurate features.

mold drawing    mold system

  Mold drawings                                               Die casting mold system

After the mold is ready, we load the mold on the die casting machines based on different size. Then with more than 600 degree temperature, the aluminum material is melted and is given to the mold by robot arm. At the same time, the mold clamps . The aluminum will run into the die very fast by material runner to fully fill the die. Then the mold separates and cooling . we can get the aluminum raw die casting part.

die casting machine    die casting

 Die casting machine                                           Die casting

  • Why we choose aluminum die casting for your part?

Die casting tool and process is one of the most efficient and economic method for industrial part production Aluminum die casting parts not only has a very high anti-corrosion ability, but also have a stable accuracy on quality control especially on dimension and structure.

If you have any new aluminum die casting project, you can send drawing to us for quotation and modification proposal.

aluminum die casting part

Aluminum die casting parts

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