Problems and solutions encountered by foam eva manufacturers

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The characteristics of the Dongguan foam eva manufacturer can make many product inner packaging.

 EVA foam is widely used in electronic appliances, instrumentation, computers, audio, medical equipment, industrial control cabinets, lighting, handicrafts, glass, ceramics, home appliances, spraying , Furniture, wine and gift packaging, hardware products, toys, fruits, leather shoes inner packaging, daily necessities and other products packaging.

eva 38 foam- sheet made by Shunho eva solutions in China

                                                           Shunho EVA solutions

After participating in anti-static agent and flame retardant, its outstanding function is even more evident. Make it a substitute for traditional packaging materials such as straw and twine. EVA foam is packaged from polyethylene through non-crosslinked closed-cell planning, so the title is polyethylene foam, which is a new environmentally friendly packaging material. 

Foaming is a kind of physical reaction. The pearl cotton of EVA foam has the characteristics of not fragile, environmental protection, strong impact resistance, waterproof, non-absorbent, sound insulation, heat preservation, strong plasticity, and retractable use!

It is still an excellent The material with strong chemical resistance, due to its superior material function, enables us to make full use of its function to manufacture products that are beneficial to us.

In the process of application, we may often encounter the following questions about EVA foam:

1. If it is not sticky, it will always fall.

2. The stickiness is enough, but it will take a long time to stick, and the power is too low.

3. It is stuck and the time is short. After a period of time, there will be a popping sound and a split.

Based on the above questions that often occur, I give some methods: most of the rubber particles produced by the manufacturers have some shortcomings. Are they too sticky, too wet, or not very sticky, but dry quickly, but also There is good viscosity, but it dries too slowly, which affects the power! 

First of all, we adjust the humidity of the hot melt machine, the heating temperature is about 110 degrees, and the temperature in the tank should be increased to 170-180 degrees, so adjust it well Not later! When using glue for us, it is best to use two glues, one is better, the viscosity will be better, the other is worse, dry, quick-drying, use These two glues are used in cooperation. 

The general ratio is 3 (good glue): 1 (poor glue), which not only solves the problem of lack of viscosity and slow drying that affects power, but also saves a part of glue money.

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