How to solve the porosit and bubbles issue on aluminum die casting part?

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How to solve the porosity and bubbles issue on aluminum die casting part?

You may meet below technical issues on aluminum die casting parts during the production?


 porosity-3   porosity-4      


1. After machining or polishing, there are bubbles or small pinholes on the surface of the die casting part which is not acceptable by customer. Even you do the      painting on the surface, those small pin holes can not be covered.

2. Your die casting part can not pass the leakage test when water or gas go through the inside.

3. the actual weight of the die casting part is much lighter than it should be.

All above issue are most caused by the porosity.

Porosity source

1. Alloy material: Cast aluminum is a kind of alloy which means it is not solid in some area of the part and the deeper insider you go, the more possibility for you to find the porosity.

2. Shrinkage: As we know, during die casting process, the material will be melted as liquid and then is given to the tool to become solid in a very short time, during this process, there will have shrinkage on the volume of the part which will cause pores on the material.

3. Gas/air: during mold separating process, the gas/air will go inside the material, which will cause impurities in the material.

aluminum material

Porosity check

1. Usually 3D X ray is usually used to check the porosity.

2. Use some leakage test machine.

How to solve the porosity issue?

1.Tool design: Based on a good understanding the requirement of the part, engineer need to have a reasonable design on the tool. We can do below action

  •  We can add vacuum vent on the tool.

  • Try to make small and uniform thickness on the die casting part.

  • Use simulate mold flow software to check if vent and porosity are well designed and modify and repeat the simulating process.

2. Ensure no recycle material is used during production.

3. Set up reasonable parameter on the die casting machine like solidification time, pressure.

   Die casting machine

 4. Try to make CNC test on the possible porosity area at the beginning of the production, to make sure the the actual production is ok. And then fix the           parameter on the die casting machine.

 cnc test

Shunho metal solution has been working in aluminum die casting area for more than 12 years. We can help you on solving the porosity issue. Providing the best quality is always our aim.

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