How can I be a good international sales?

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How can I be a good international sales?

  • The Top 4 Skills Needed for Success in International Business as below:

  • Relationship between customer and sales

As a sales people, when you are facing a new customer, you are a doctor instead of a wolf. What we can do is to provide professional prescription (solution) to customers’ sickness ( problems). It is an interactive communication between sales and customer. The conversation need to go further based on mutual understanding and interest.

  •  Good understanding on customer purchase stage

As we know, usually the customer purchase  goes through 3 stages.  Need development stage==> proposal built up stage==>risk assessment stage . Once we realize this, we need to judge and get to know the stage based on the info we have. So that we can make corresponding action to move forward the project.

In Need Development stage,  a sales guy need to better understand the background of the project. What is the customer need? What can we provide to customer? And for sure, what is the benefit for both side based on this project?   Also it is a stage to build up business relationship and trust with each other.

When we comes to Proposal Built up stage, it is a professional site where we can propose our solution to customer based on customers’ need and our profession. The proposal need to be made based on market rule.  Usually it is not the competitiveness of price only ,but The competitiveness of the whole solution.  Most customer focus on low price. We need to lead customer to think about others including service, manufacturing ability,vision . etc..

Once the proposal of the project is fixed, the last step before placing order is risk assessment. Customer need to assess if it is worthy to order from you.  Why you and why me? For customer, it is risky to cooperate with a new supplier even if you have convinced the customer with your knowledge and experience .

However , no one knows if everything will change in real production . In order to remove this concern , factory audit is necessary to go . By which customer can Better know the company very objectively . Score will be made according to performance in different area including R&D, HR, QA, how you deal with customer complain , etc.. Finally the decision will be in line with company’s score from the audit. If you pass the audit. Congratulations to you!  Cooperation starts .

  • Professional service

Most times, the profession means you need to consider more after next step and consider based on customers’ stand.  For example, when you are selling a driller, customer see they are getting a hole on the wall.  The better solution to get more order from customer is not making more stock, but help to customer to make better purchase.

  • International vision

To be an international sales, you are facing different people around different countries.  International vision means you need to consider everything based on the economic situation, the end customer market, the supplier chain management, the manufacturing process and also the culture and business atmosphere.

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