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EVA Foam Supplier in China - ShunHo EVA solutions

We are a professional EVA foam supplier, factory and manufacture who offer a range of products, including EVA foam, adhesive eva foam etc.

What is EVA foam? 

EVA foam(sheet) is the abbreviation for the closed-cell ethylene-vinyl acetic acid derivation co-polymer foam which used  as a successful substitute for an assortment of materials in production.The EVA foam material naturally gives exceptional gleam and clearness, stays solid at low-temperatures which protection from UV radiation and stress-splitting.

Customized EVA Foam Supplier in China

Our EVA foam has a fine uniform cell structure like other thermoplastics. It retains its flexibility and resilience that can quickly recovers from compression’s and absorbs colors.

EVA foam is adaptable with multitudinous utilizations and applications that are commonly underestimated by the vast majority of us. The EVA foam might be found in a wide range of machines, car, building, marine, hardware, medicinal services, bundling, sports, relaxation, and amusement, and footwear etc.

We have Quality Assurance (QA) department to maintain our products’ supreme quality. Each product has to pass our quality check procedure. As a responsible EVA foam supplier, we make sure none of our items goes through with even a slightest of the defect. Base on our research and industrial experience, we are able to produce EVA products with high standards. So we are a reliable EVA foam supplier in China who can meet customers’ demand in the world.

EVA Foam Supplier shunho

                              Toys for children made by Shunho EVA solutions

EVA Foam Supplie

                      Children's toys be made by EVA foam from Shunho EVA solutions

What is an EVA foam common uses?

EVA foam has a fine uniform cell structure that allows it to be processed much like other thermoplastics.

EVA foam is also used as a biomedical drug delivery application to slowly release a compound within the body. The polymer is dissolved in an organic solvent, blended into a homogeneous mixture, and molded into a freeze dried solid. Although it does not biodegrade within the body, it is inert and causes no adverse reaction.

EVA foam is expanded or foam rubber, which is used for sports equipment padding. Snow and water ski boots, bicycle saddles, hockey pads, boxing gloves and helmets, and fishing rods and reels are constructed with EVA foam.

EVA foam is used in sports shoes to absorb impact shock and it is a popular material for slippers and sandals because it forms to fit the foot, it is light weight and does not hold odors, and it provides glossy finishes. Compared to natural rubber, EVA foam is a much more cost effective material.

This is due to EVA foam is a buoyant material which used in fishing and water sports gear as well as non-traditional items like floating eyewear. It is used as a substitute for cork for fishing rod handle butt-ends.

So, if you want a professional, reliable, top-notch and on-time EVA foam supplier, come to us by

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