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EVA foam sheet Manufacturer & Fabricator in China Shunho EVA solutions

As as a leading specialized EVA foam sheet manufacturer in China, Shuho EVA solutions has been dedicated to working with customers worldwide. The foam materials we are offering include EVA Foam( EVA foam sheet, eva foam pad, eva foam roll) and TPE foam etc. By utilizing our advanced foam fabrication machinery, we have the reliable capabilities to support on various customer projects, like Household, Sports, Automotive, Safety protector, Construction, Creativity,  Electronic packaging...


With our sufficient foam materials, we have been working on finished foam products for household markets. It includes EVA foam puzzle mat, foam bath mat, foam squeegee blades.We have the capabilities to work with customers on more customized household foam products.

eva foam sheet 38 shore made by Shuno eva solutions


Our foam materials are natural suitable for various sports applications including both indoor and outdoor sports. By exploiting the right foam materials and our industry expertise, we have released sports related foam products covering martial arts, yoga, water sports and archery etc..

EVA foam sheet for sport shoes TEP foam sheet for Yoga


Taking property advantages on durability and resilience, we have developed our finished eva foam products for automotive markets. It currently includes foam brush components for auto car washing equipment and EVA car floor mats.

TPE foam sheet with embossing


With our excellent performance on heat insulation, shock cushioning and mositure resistance, our foam materials has been used to formulate many useful foam products for various building and construction applications..


Our eva foam materials are offered in multiple colors and various thicknesses which can be naturally helpful for decoration occasions including home decoration, school arts class, festival decoration and any other art and craft projects.

colors eva foam sheet for decoration

Safety protector

Shunho eva solutions foam materials are ideal for various of safety protection applications by maximize its abilities of cushioning, durability, resilience and insulation. They can also be easily laminated with other materials to be new composite materials..

eva foam for Electronic packaging

Where is EVA foam sheet manufactured?

As mentioned we have reliable capabilities to support on vairous customer projects, allows us to determine the best manufacturing locaiton in China for our customers.

How is EVA foam sheet manufactured?

Ethylene vinyl acetate(EVA) foam is made from blended copolymers. It is produced under pressure by the copolymerization of ethylene and vinyl, using free radical catalysts, EVA foam injection molding means that the hot liquid foam mixture of ethylene, vinyl and acetate is sprayed into a mold...

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