Aluminum heat sink made by Shunho metal solutions in China

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Aluminum heat sink manufacturer in China

Shunho metal solutions is a professional aluminum heat sink manufacturer who specializes in custom aluminum heat sinks for a wide variety of industries many years in China.

Heat sink with Black anodizing

What is an Aluminum Heatsink?

An aluminum heatsink  is a device used with other electrical devices that  make heat to help manage heat production and prevent electronics from overheating. This type of heat sink is often used on the central processing unit (CPU) within a computer. There are a wide range of different sizes and styles of heatsinks available. The material used to create a heatsink is a vital part of how well a heat sink will help reduce heat in an electrical device to which it is connected. An aluminum heatsink is one of the most common types of heatsink available, though these usually consist of an aluminum alloy and not pure aluminum.

Advantages of aluminum heat sink

1. Lightweight

Aluminum is a light metal with a density of only 2.7g/cm, about a third that of steel and copper (7.85g/cm and 8.9g/cm). Therefore, it is used to make heat sink enclosure. The weight of aluminum profile is lighter under the same volume, and the light weight aluminum profile is put into production to make light and thin aluminum heat sink enclosure , which is very consistent with the current trend of the pursuit of light and thin parts.


2. Corrosion resistance

The working environment of the heat sink is complex, and the selected raw materials will be able to pass the corrosion resistance. Aluminum can form a dense oxidation film on the surface to prevent further corrosion inside and after surface treatment, the aluminum heat sink has better corrosion resistance. Hereby, the aluminum profile with this point can be used in the actual standing, not in the later period because of metal corrosion and affect the aesthetic and thermal performance.


3. Thermal conductivity

Heat conduction and heat dissipation ability is one of the indispensable properties of heat sink. The thermal conductivity value of aluminum is 204/W·(m·k), but the hardness of pure aluminum is low, deformation is easy to occur when heated, and the pure aluminum into aluminum alloy can not only ensure excellent thermal conductivity, but also ensure the aluminum heat sink has a long service life.


4. The non-magnetic

Non - magnetic is also an important property of the heat sink enclosure. Among them, the heat sink enclosure put into audio and electronic products should be non-magnetic. In order to avoid interfering with the transmission of signals, while the aluminum alloy, which does not contain iron, cobalt, nickel and other metals, is not magnetic, so as not to interfere with the normal operation of audio and electronic products.


5. Plasticity

The specific tensile strength, yield strength, ductility and corresponding work-hardening rate of metals all affect the range of shape variables. So different metals have differences in plasticity, and aluminum alloy is easy to forge and has a high plasticity which is widely used in industry.

What is Aluminum extrusion tooling?

What is extrusion tooling


The extrusion tooling is used in the manufacturing of aluminium profiles.  A tooling, also called a die tooling which is the instrument used for pressing heated, aluminium alloy blocks or billets to mould the final aluminium profiles. The process is called extrusion and depending on whether a solid profile or an aluminium profile is made, different tools are to be used, see the below picture for the aluminum profile or extrusion tooling warehouse at our manufacturer.

Why is the aluminum heat sink anodized?


Aluminum is a material with good thermal conductivity, so mainly used for heat sink production, aluminum material heat sinkwe commonly known as aluminum heat sink, all aluminium profile here is not to point to aluminium only, still included aluminium alloy product. Aluminum is soft in texture and has poor corrosion resistance, so the aluminum heat sink will need some necessary surface finish, anodization is a universal surface finish.

Anodization usually refers to sulfuric acid anodizing, which is the process of forming an oxidation film on aluminum products (anode) under the action of the applied current under the corresponding electrolyte and specific process conditions. This layer oxide film improves the surface hardness and abrasion resistance of aluminum alloy, so as to extend the application range and extend the service life of aluminum heat sink.

In addition,aluminum heat sink through anodized, color will become black, so anodizing is also called black anode, or black oxidation. Anodized aluminum heat sink can also increase the appearance of the product, many electronic products base and housing are black, heat sink is black can form unified tonal, increase beautiful degree. There are customers of the water cooling plates heat sink will also be anodizing surface finish, especially for laser and other optical instruments on the water cooling plate.

Shunho Metal solutions has mastered all the technological processes of research, development, design and production of aluminum heat sink and can complete all the processes independently. We can effectively control the product quality and delivery time. If you need to know more, please contact us by



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