The Benefits of automatic die casting process

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The Benefits of automatic die casting process

We believe automation will be the trend in manufacturing process including die casting process. In nowadays ,the automation has been widely used in die casting process. Which benefit our production process a lot.

The traditional die casting process includes one machine, one melting oven , 2 labor ( one for taking out the part, one for checking and placing the part on pallet).

die casting part transmitting 

Die casting part transmitting

While if you use the automatic die casting, you only need one person to place the part on pallet. The material will be given to the machine by robot arm and machine runs the program to part the mold automatically . the part is taken out by robot . With X ray checking automatically, the part will be delivered to the labor by transmitting belt .


die casting material giving          

Die casting material giving

Die casting material giving

   Aluminum die casting material giving

However, automatic die casting can not be used on all the die casting parts, usually automatic die casting will be applied to those parts who have below feature:

1. Big demand. Since we need to develop the program and fixture on the machine. If the demand is small, it is not worthy to do automatic casting.

2. Regular shape.  It will be much easier to do fixture for Regular shape than irregular shape.

3. Less changes on the part. If your design may change frequently, which means you need to adjust the program and fixture when you have changes, which need to invest more time and cost.

Benefit of the automatic die casting

  • Low cost.

      From above process, you can save at least 1 person by automatic die casting.

  • Time saving and increase the production capacity.

       Automatic die casting will recycle the process which will save more time and increase the production             capacity.

  •  Accuracy and consistency.

       From view of quality control, the automatic die casting will make accurate and consistent quality since the program and condition is always the same.

traditional die casting

  Traditional die casting machine

Aluminum pier   

Aluminum pier

aluminum die casting part 

Aluminum die casting part

 CMM checking

 CMM checking for aluminum die casting part

 To know more about the automtic die casting process, please link to the video here.

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